Seth Arnold's Resume

My resume, listed in order of decreasing prettyness. If you're not sure which one to download, I suggest the sarnold.pdf version.
sarnold.pdfAdobe PDF format, suitable for acroread or xpdf
sarnold.psPostScript format, suitable for gv or PostScript printers
sarnold.texLaTeX input file, for the curious

The following copies were generated from a simpler POD version of my resume; none of the existing LaTeX to HTML or text converters could handle my new LaTeX sections tolerably well, and learning DVI or LaTeX internals isn't high on my to-do list.
sarnold.htmlHTML, only slightly better for web browsers than the plain text
sarnold.txtPlain text, suitable everywhere
sarnold.podPOD input file, for the curious

I've included my Makefile as well, again for the curious, as well as a super-cheap backup mechanism. (Thanks Google and